When hygiene matters Lifetime Puncture Warranty

FlashCove is the only base
Guaranteed to perform... for life.

FlashCove Prefabricated Bases arrive on site with a bonded aluminum reinforcing backer that strengthens the weakest part of the base. Where site-formed bases are prone to punctures during maintenance and use, thus compromising hygiene, FlashCove Prefabricated Bases are guaranteed to stay puncture-proof for life.

New Install?

The ability to fabricate FlashCove Prefabricated Bases using any resilient sheet flooring material ensures that you never have to compromise on design or performance. Build it right the first time.

Repair or Retrofit?

Repairing failed bases or doing a complete retrofit, FlashCove can be produced to match or contrast your existing or new floor and arrives on site ready for a quick and easy install.
You’ll only have to fix it once.

Greatest Design Flexibility

FlashCove Prefabricated Base can be made using any type, colour or pattern of resilient sheet flooring to match or contrast with your primary material. It can also be used with any type of resilient of metal capping or choose our own exclusive Stainless Steel "Chiklet" cap.

FlashCove Prefabricated Bases - Greatest Design Flexibility FlashCove Prefabricated Bases - Greatest Design Flexibility
  • 1ANY Cap
    Vinyl, Aluminum or our own Stainless Steel "Chiklet" cap
  • 2ANY Resilient Sheet
    Vinyl, Rubber, Linoleum, Safety Floor
  • 3ANY Height Up The Wall
    4" / 100mm min – 12" / 300mm max
  • 4Bonded Puncture-Proof Aluminum Reinforcement
  • 5ANY Width On The Floor
    3" / 75mm min – 12" / 300mm max

Fastest, Tightest Installation

For unmatchable fit and finish the tighter radius of a FlashCove Prefabricated Bases allow for no gaps at standard door frames.

Easiest Maintenance

The tighter radius also allows cleaning equipment to get closer to the wall and clean more thoroughly without risk of damaging or puncturing the base.

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FlashCove delivers

the greatest hygiene and the lowest life-cycle cost


How can I get a sample of the FlashCove Prefabricated Base?

You can request a sample by contacting us.

Do you have a written specification?

Yes! Specification are available in CSC and CSI Format; we also have a Section Detail documents. Please view the Specifications & Installation page.

How long does it take to make base?

As a rule, it takes 5-10 business days from receipt of your purchase order with material. All base is made to individual order.

Do you supply the sheet flooring?

No, you are responsible for providing FlashCove with the commercial sheet flooring material. We work with any commercial sheet flooring that can be flashed up the wall.

How do I ship the material?

Working with you, we will make all of the arrangements for shipping.

Do I have to use the stainless steel “Chiklet” cove cap?

No, however, if you are looking for long term durability and infection control we recommend the use of the stainless steel “Chiklet” cap. Stainless steel is longer lasting and more resistant to corrosive materials than carbon steel and other metals. Stainless steel is also non-porous, easily maintained and 100% recyclable.

What size does the base come in?

Minimum base size is 4″ riser (100 mm) x 3″ toe (75 mm) x 10 LF and the maximum base size is 12″ riser (300 mm) x 12″ toe (300 mm) x 10 LF.

What do we need to know to install the base?

We recommend that the installation be completed by a Professional Flooring Contractor. Check out our installation videos, or contact us.

Can the base be installed on a curve?

No, the attached aluminum reinforced backer does not allow for the base to be curved.

Is FlashCove Prefabricated Base difficult to maintain?

No, you can clean the cove radius either by mop or use mechanized scrubbing and buffing machines with no worry of puncture damage.

How do I register a Warranty?

Click here to register a warranty.